A care package from Night Shade Books

The whole notion of having a book come out only really solidifies when I get the first copies. Until then, it’s almost an intellectual exercise, largely conducted via Word files and e-mail. At first, it’s just a story. Then it gets a cover, and interior design, and finally printed copies. A slow evolution from the imagination to reality.

And MJ-12: Inception just got real, y’all.

Two of these are already gone — one to a contest winner, another for the Con or Bust auctions that start later this month. Some will certainly come with me to Phoenix Comicon, which kicks off June 1. I’ll certainly keep one for myself, at least until the final hardcovers arrive some time in August.

There are more of these out there, of course. The folks attending the Nebula Awards in Chicago this coming weekend may find a copy in their swag bags. Some of my fellow authors will be getting them sent directly, either out of general courtesy or specific requests for blurbs. And the major media outlets also get a copy in that never-ending windmill-tilt that is mainstream media outreach.

I have ebook files as well; if you’re a reviewer and you’ve not heard from either myself or Night Shade Books lately, then by all means reach out. It’s also up over at Edelweiss, the book-reviewer storehouse of awesomeness.

Of course, there’ll be a lot more happening as we get closer to the September 6 release date. But now that these have arrived at the homestead, the writing of this book is very much done. Now we’ll be focusing on letting the world know it exists.


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