First review! Fantasy Faction says super nice things about MJ-12: Inception

They say never read the reviews, but this one was an absolute joy to read. Fantasy Faction’s Dan Hanks reviewed MJ-12: Inception and really quite liked it. A snippet for you:

MJ-12: Inception is Michael J. Martinez doing what he does best: taking a selection of great genres and mashing them up into something fresh and exciting, and quite unlike anything you’ve read before. We’ve shades of mystery and the paranormal, superheroes living in an alternate (or hidden) history, Cold War paranoia, and thrilling espionage—all set against a realistically drawn backdrop of a little explored (but key) time in our global history.

Dan has long  been a fan of my work, but it’s nice to know that the new spy-fi series — a departure, as he notes, from my Daedalus books — was still well received. Combined with the really cool things my fellow scribes said about it, I’m starting to think this is indeed a pretty good book.

We’re still a good six-plus weeks away from release; MJ-12: Inception is due out in hardcover Sept. 6, though I believe there will be copies on sale at DragonCon for those going. If you’re not heading to Atlanta, of course, you can pre-order the book from AmazonBarnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Mysterious GalaxyBorderlands Books, and/or through your local bookstore via Indie Bound. You can also pre-order your Kindle, Nook, Kobo and Apple iBook editions, too.

My thanks to Dan and the great folks at Fantasy Faction. You guys rock.


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