Hey, folks on Goodreads really like MJ-12: Inception

MJ-12-newcoverLet’s face it, y’all — I’m pretty bad at social media. I’m fine with Twitter for some reason, but I could certainly stand to update the blog a bit more, and I’m not even on Facebook because, well, gah. And I really should’ve been paying more attention to Goodreads, because MJ-12: Inception is getting a lot of love there.

In fact, it’s my best-rated novel on there right now, averaging just over four stars, which…man, that’s awesome, and thank you to everyone who took the time to rate it. It doesn’t even have a 1-star rating! (Watch, I’ve just jinxed it. Ah, well.)

So consider this my apologies for not minding Goodreads — I’ll try to do better. And if you enjoyed MJ-12: Inception, I’d mightily appreciate it if you’d say so on Goodreads (or Amazon or wherever you bought it). It’s also worth noting that MJ-12: Shadows has a page up on Goodreads now, so be sure to “want-to-read” it for when it comes out in September!



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2 responses to “Hey, folks on Goodreads really like MJ-12: Inception

  1. INCEPTION is really great! It also feels relevant. Very relevant.

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