Podcast! I joined the Skiffy & Fanty crew to talk about Fantastic Four

We interrupt this stream of angry political rants to give you something much more fun — a Skiffy & Fanty podcast! Torture Cinema! Chris Evans before he was Captain America!

I joined the Skiffy & Fanty crew a few weeks ago to talk about the movie Fantastic Four. This isn’t the 2015 film, which was extremely horrible, but instead the 2005 edition which was only mildly bad in comparison. And it marked Chris Evans’ first foray into a Marvel Comics film as Johnny Storm/Human Torch. Obviously, Captain America was a much better move for him.

It also featured Ioan Gruffudd as Mr. Fantastic. Ioan is a very underrated actor, and if you can get your hands on his Horatio Hornblower films from the late ’90s/early ’00s, do it. He did a great job as Hornblower through the various stages of the character’s life.

In fact, the entire cast of Fantastic Four is top-notch. It’s the rest of the film that’s the problem. And on the podcast, we delve deep into the entire rainbow of problems this film has. So many problems. So many.

So if you like having a bunch of geeks talk smack about a mediocre superhero film — with humor and grace and drinking, of course — then click here and start listening, or be sure to subscribe to the Skiffy & Fanty podcast on iTunes or your favorite podcast service. When not torturing people with bad movies, they do a ton of great stuff with authors and SF/F generally. Check ’em out.


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