Take a look at the glorious page design in MJ-12: Shadows

For those of you who have read MJ-12: Inception, you know that the good folks at Night Shade Books really did a fantastic job with the interior layout and design of the book, particularly with the realistic “found” documents inside.

I think MJ-12: Shadows is even better in that regard. They’ve really knocked it out of the park this time. In fact, I’m going to post four pages here to give you an inkling of what you’ll get when MJ-12: Shadows comes out Sept. 5.

Warning: There are very, very mild spoilers in the pages below. Honestly, if you’ve read the blurb up on Amazon and you’re up on your history, nothing should be too shocking. But for those who want things spoiler-free, go read this excellent essay on writing and age by Chuck Wendig and forget I ever posted this. Deal? Deal.

Note that these images aren’t in order, so as to further confuse you. First, let’s look at a secret transcript from MI-6.

And here’s a newspaper article. The events in the story actually happened as described, but I figured we couldn’t afford to just reprint The New York Times, so I dusted off my reporter cap and wrote it myself.

Pretty sweet. Of course, it wouldn’t be MAJESTIC-12 without a note from Harry S. Truman himself. Unlike the memo in the first book, which made the rounds of the UFO conspiracy sites, I ginned this up myself.

Harry does not mess around. Finally, we still have plenty of lovely “found” MAJIC documents in the book, such as this one.

Yes, nearly seventy years ago, we were still gunning for Middle East oil and helping make Syria a glorified mess. Some things, sadly, never change.

Again, my hat’s off to the great design team at Night Shade. This is A-level work. And yes, there’s a cover coming too. I’ve seen it and it’s amazing. Hopefully we’ll be able to do a little something special for a cover reveal soon. Meantime, you can always pre-order MJ-12: Shadows and make darn sure you get it on release day. Here’s some handy links:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound | Books-A-Million | Mysterious Galaxy


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