I’ve planted my flag on Facebook

I’m not a huge fan of Facebook, but I’ve found over the years that, at least on a personal level, I’ve missed out on some cool things friends and family were sharing and doing. So I finally bit the bullet and joined.

My primary use will indeed be personal, and I think at this point I’ve got my personal page locked down to just friends and family and people I’ve specifically requested. If you have my personal email — not the one on the site here, mind you — then chances are I like you enough to friend up.

If we don’t know each other well enough for that, well…it’s nothing personal. Literally. But since folks use Facebook to follow authors and get bookish news, I added a public-facing Author page as well. So if you’re a Facebook sort of person, please feel free to like and follow or whatever you do there. Honestly, I’m still figuring it out.

For now, the Facebook page will mirror this blog and my Twitter feed. (I’m actually on the fence about the Twitter feed, because there are days where I tweet a lot. Have to see what that looks like.) I’ll probably add some Facebook-only stuff to play catch-up and let folks know what I got going. And I’ve no doubt I’ll do some Facebook-only promotions down the road, just as soon as I figure it out.

So there you go. Book my face.


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