Oh, hello there.

I suppose I should start by saying, to paraphrase Twain, reports of my demise from the Internet are greatly exaggerated. The 16-plus months of COVID have been extremely busy, somewhat strange and, personally, full of changes – the vast majority of which have been delightfully positive.

But one of the the things that has indeed slipped while locked down has been my blogging and “public” social media presence. (For friends and family, I’ve been much more active, as it’s really been a good way to keep in touch while the world churns.) I’m not going to try to give a massive update on all the things here, but I’ll at least recap some of the book-related happenings.

Yes, I’m continuing to write, first and foremost. At the moment, I have one major project I’ve been slogging on for nearly my entire lockdown. And if you’re looking for a veritable plethora of details, I would point you to the following video, wherein the esteemed Pat Rothfuss and I chat about it at length.

The battle of the beards. Pat, of course, won.

And yes, I am indeed now a member of Worldbuilders’ board of directors, which is a wonderful and humbling thing to do. As many longtime blog-readers will note, I’ve been doing critiques and such for Worldbuilders for a while now, and I’m thrilled to give back even more by joining the board. The Worldbuilders team is great, and I would urge all of you to visit their site to learn more, buy some swag, sign up for the newsletter and donate however much and however frequently you can.

In addition to the Arthurian goodness you’ll hear about in the video, I’m also revisiting Big Dark, a pure science-fiction novel I started way back in 2019 and kinda shelved as Arthur took over my mindspace. I had cause to re-read some of it recently, and it’s really quite good, in my humble opinion. So that’s very much on deck as soon as I wrap up the aforementioned King Arthur legendry.

There are many other things going on, including a promotion at work and some massive new projects there. But most importantly, I’ve had some rather lovely changes in my personal life. I’m engaged to an absolutely wonderful, smart, talented, funny and beautiful woman, and we’re going to have a baby girl in late August. My heretofore only child, Anna, is super excited about being able to “drop wisdom” on her little sibling, and while life is very busy and occasionally all over the place, things are really, really good.

So that’s the long horizon view of things. There is likely much more to come, but I’m going to work hard to try to blog more often and generally be around. If you’re up for it, drop something in the comments and let me know what y’all have been up to. (Remember, I moderate those, so be patient as I check ’em out.)

Everyone be well, stay healthy, wear a mask, get the Fauci Ouchie and take care of each other.

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One response to “Oh, hello there.

  1. Robert Junker

    Welcome back, good sir!!
    Congrats on all the good stuff coming your way. Well deserved, indeed.
    Hopefully we’ll have some new Martinez material to read soon. Arthur sounds good. A sci-fi novel? You have my attention.
    Not much has been going on here. Been at work the whole time. Everyone here has been healthy so far.

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