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Your Friday grab-bag of updates

Just to make things easier, I thought I’d throw a bunch of little things into a single post. Here we go!

Operation: DAEDALUS: Robert Junker is the winner of Operation: DAEDALUS! There were over a hundred individuals who left reviews, posted to Facebook, Tweeted and otherwise used social media to get the word out about the paperback release of The Daedalus Incident, and I am hugely grateful to everyone who did so. Robert went all out across multiple platforms, multiple times over, and the law of averages was on his side. Thus, he gets a signed Daedalus paperback and a signed ARC of MJ-12: Inception later this spring. Congratulations, Robert!

More operations ahead: The Enceladus Crisis is coming out May 10, so stay tuned for details about Operation: ENCELADUSI may try something different there, in terms of the qualifying stuff. Or not. Again, I’ll keep you posted. And yes, there will be an Operation: GAMBIT this summer, too, and even possibly an Operation: INCEPTION. Because you’re all awesome…or just want free books. Either or, I’m good with that.

Lunacon!: As a reminder, if you’re in the greater New York City area and want to geek out with me, I’ll be haunting Lunacon this Saturday. My schedule is here. Come say hello!

MJ-12.net update: Now that The Daedalus Incident paperback is out — with an excerpt of MJ-12: Inception therein — I’ve updated MJ-12.net with a post about Frank Lodge, one of the first people we meet in the excerpt. So head on over to MJ-12 net and dive in to the mythology I’m building around the MAJESTIC-12 series.


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I’m going to Lunacon!

Are you in the greater tri-state area, with those tri-states being New York, New Jersey and Connecticut? If not…are you up for a last-minute roadtrip? Of course you are!

I’m going to be at Lunacon — the 58th annual convention of the New York Science Fiction Society — this Saturday at the Westchester Hilton in Rye Brook, N.Y. This is my first time going, which is my bad considering this is very much my local con. I’m looking forward to rectifying this oversight and meeting lots of cool people in the process.

And what, you may ask, will I be doing there? Panels, of course. It’s what you do at cons. Here’s my schedule — all my panels are on Saturday, March 19.

  • Research for Historical & Fantasy Fiction (Noon, Westchester Ballroom D4): This is, of course, right up my alley, and I’m sharing the stage with many fine scribes, including Lunacon Guest of Honor Naomi Novik.
  • So I Just Finished My First Draft. Now what? (4 p.m., Maple Room): Seeing as I kind of wish I had gone to a panel like this after my first draft of my first novel, I figured I might help others avoid my mistakes!
  • SF and Social Justice Movements (5 p.m., Westchester Ballroom D5): I strongly believe that literature, including science fiction and fantasy, is at the forefront of social change. Really looking forward to tackling this one.

It’s highly likely that I’ll be bringing some swag with me, possibly including a copy of the new The Daedalus Incident paperback. So keep an eye on Twitter and see if you might catch me doing a giveaway.

If you’re planning to go, I hope to see you there. If not…gas is super cheap right now. Just saying. You can’t crash on my couch, though.


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