Blogging from the bus

I love my iPhone! Anyone who knows me knows it’s the third lobe of my brain. And now I can blog on my commute, instead of playing numerous games of Texas hold ’em.

Some quick thoughts:

Had Morimoto’s Black Obi Soba Ale the other night. Made with roasted Japanese buckwheat, the same stuff that goes into traditional soba noodles. It’s a collaboration between Rogue Brewery and Iron Chef Masuhiro Morimoto himself. Excellent brown ale, not too sweet, with a biscuity flavor and a nice, slighty bitter finish. Perfect with the Five Guys burger and fries I had with it.

Liked Obama’s State of the Union, but I wish someone out there would make a case for what investment in government really means. We take so much for granted, like the military, social services, police, roads, etc. Investment in government isn’t about other people. It makes our own lives safer and better when we act collectively. That’s not “socialism.” That’s just common sense. But nobody says that.

I’m bummed about the Jets, but they just didn’t play well enough. I’m probably going to root for the Pack in this one.

Enough with the snow already! Seriously. If I wanted winters like this, I’d live in Wisconsin. Sheesh.

I’m having a bit of writer’s block on my latest fiction project. I’ve gotten some great feedback and a lot of encouragement, from someone who really knows her stuff. But as I go to revise (for the fourth time), it’s been slow going. Perhaps it’s just daunting, but the groove I had in the first three attempts is still not quite there. Inspiration ideas?

Yep. Love blogging on the bus. Must do this more often!

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