Double Feature: SFSignal and Night Bazaar

Got a couple of guest blogs to point you to today. First up, I’m participating in another Mind Meld over at SFSignal. This time, we’re talking about food in science fiction and fantasy. While the question posits that fantasy treats food better than sci-fi, I think neither really does a great job of developing unique foods, and cultures around food, as part of their settings. Think I’m wrong? Post a comment! And many thanks to everyone at SFSignal for asking me back. It’s a great site. You should totally read it.

Also, I’m back on the Night Bazaar, Night Shade Books’ author blog. This week, we’re tackling politics because, you know, they don’t like to make it easy on us. When can we debate the merits of Internet cat videos? (John Scalzi found this one, which my entire family can’t stop watching.)

While I’m at it, I want to thank to Con or Bust auction winner Daryl Maxwell, who paid a whopping $40 for a signed galley of The Daedalus Incident. I say whopping because it lists for $15.99, nobody’s read or reviewed it yet, and I’m a debut author with zero track record. So that was a lovely leap of faith on Daryl’s part, and it’s for a good cause. Plus, I got to sign my first-ever copy of the book, which was a pretty cool thing to do.

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