Best of the blog so far

More than two years into my authorial and blogging career, I’ve seen a few blog posts on here continue to get a steady stream of readers, often months after the fact. Most of my most-visited blog posts have to do with writing, which is pretty understandable. But there are a few in there that kind of leave me wondering.

The following is a list of the most highly trafficked “evergreen” blog posts — unrelated to newsier items like getting my book published. Note that in some of the earlier posts, The Daedalus Incident went by the working title Spacebuckler before Night Shade Books wisely encouraged me to revisit the name.

Anyway, these are the ten most popular items based on visits by you, the readers. Because, hey, everbody likes a clip show, right?

And for balance, here’s five posts I wish people saw more of. So, you know, you could click on them and maybe spread the word?

So…did any of these work for you? And should I do more Known Worlds posts? Let me know in the comments section.

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