A new look for the site

It’s been a few years, so I figured it was well and truly time for this site to get a face lift and spring cleaning. The awesome header and background images are courtesy of Arvin Concepcion of Concepcion Design Studio. Arvin also helped me wrap my head around the new fonts you see here, as well as the new drop-down menus. Arvin’s a very talented designer and all around computer genius, and this won’t be the last you see of his work, I can promise you.

Both The Daedalus Incident and The Gravity of the Affair have their own pages under the “Writing” tab, and my media section got a little more managable after I split it up into different pages. I’m still working on better integrating The Beer Fridge into the rest of the site so that it looks like it belongs, while still providing a separate blog for all things beer. And there may be some busted links and 404 errors here and there. I’m hunting those down as well.

Anyway, click around and enjoy! And as a reminder, I start publishing excerpts of Gravity on Tuesday, so be sure to come back then for your first peek at the Known Worlds setting and the trials and tribulations of a young Horatio Nelson.

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