Buy The Daedalus Incident on Kindle NOW!

Well, that was fast.

I’m really quite pleased to announce that The Daedalus Incident is now available as an ebook for Kindle users! That’s right, it’s up, it’s live, and you can spend your money on it and read it NOW.

So…what about other formats? And print? Audiobook?

The folks at Start Media tell me that Daedalus will be available via Kobo and Apple in a couple of days. The Nook takes longer, apparently, and we’re talking up to four weeks there. I don’t have links yet, because they’re still processing, but I’ll be sure to post here soon as I have something.

The print version is still on Amazon, B&N and elsewhere with a July 9 release date. I’m not sure how solid that is at the moment, so if I get that confirmed, or if it changes, I’ll let you know. I figure mid- to late July is probably more likely. Of course, you can pre-order it in print now, and when it shows up, it’ll be like your little Christmas in July.

Everyone at Start Media worked hard to get the ebook out quickly, and I’m really grateful to them for fast-tracking it. I know Skyhorse is working equally hard to get the print version out to you folks as soon as humanly possible.

As for the audiobook, Audible isn’t tied to the Skyhorse/Start folks for its release, so you can count on July 19 as a solid release for that. And of course, you can pre-order it now!

So if you have a Kindle, have at it! If you don’t, hang in there. It’s coming soon!

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