Daedalus available for Kobo and Nook e-readers! Kindle too!

The rollout of The Daedalus Incident continues! I’m happy to report that the ebook is now available on the Nook and Kobo devices, in addition to being available on the Kindle. And, you know, it makes a fantastic way to spend those Father’s Day gift cards. Just saying.

I still haven’t seen it up in the iBooks store yet, so Apple users, hang tight. It’s coming!

Thank you to everyone who went out and bought Daedalus over the past few days. It’s really gratifying to know that people actually have it in their hands, especially after all we went through to get it out there! And if you’ve read it and liked it, I would certainly be mighty grateful for a review on whatever site you purchased it from, or on Goodreads!


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2 responses to “Daedalus available for Kobo and Nook e-readers! Kindle too!

  1. Wahoo! I may end up buying a Nook version, though I originally planned to purchase the print. I’ll probably get that too, eventually.

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