Guest post on historical fantasy up at SFSignal

Just a quick note: I’m guest posting at the Hugo award-winning SFSignal today, talking about historical fantasy. Given that it’s my subgenre at the moment, I enjoy writing it very much, but I’m also well aware of the pitfalls of playing with history.

And if you’re a fan of science fiction and/or fantasy…man, you really need to be reading SFSignal. They do a great job there.

While I’m here, I also got a great review this past weekend from European book blogger Michael Below, proprietor of Edi’s Book Lighthouse. His verdict on The Daedalus Incident:

“This amazing mix of alternate history, science fiction and mystery is highly entertaining and stands out like a lighthouse in the fog of books.”

Read the whole review here. Thanks, Michael!

Daedalus is now available via Kindle, Nook and Kobo, with print coming soon. Hope everyone’s enjoying it thus far, and if you did, I’d be mighty grateful if you wrote up a review on Goodreads or your venue of choice.

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