Today, Daedalus finally sets sail

Sure, lots of folks have already gotten copies of The Daedalus Incident in bookstores and online, but since today was the last announced release date — for a book that has had many such dates come and go — I’m calling it. THIS IS THE DAY.

That means Daedalus is now available in print, e-book and Audible audiobook. The latter is new today, and I’m particularly happy with how it’s been received — it’s even been charted as a “hot future release” on the U.K. Amazon site. To all of you who ordered whichever edition, thank you so much. You’ve made this debut author very happy.

So how am I celebrating? Well, for one, I’m guest blogging today at the Big Kahuna of all guest blogs — The Big Idea on John Scalzi’s Whatever. John has been paying it forward for years, helping newbies like me get the word about about their work. Thanks for having me, John.

Also, I’m on the Skiffy and Fanty podcast, talking about Daedalus. (It was recorded before news of The Enceladus Crisis and its sequel broke, so no spoilers there, sorry!) Shaun Duke and Paul Weimer were awesome hosts, and it was a really great, really funny interview.

Tonight, my wife, kid and I are heading out to dinner here in L.A. to celebrate the final launch, as well as the announcement that I get to write two more. L.A. is a fantastic restaurant town — better than New York in some respects. Joints here are generally more creative, laid-back and less expensive. And mighty tasty, too.

And finally, I’ll be cracking open my 2006 Brooklyn Brewery Monster Ale, which I’ve been saving for something special. In fact, I brought it all the way to L.A. from Jersey for the occasion. Given that it’s a 10.1% alcohol-by-volume adult beverage, that’ll be the last thing I do, most likely, before calling it a day. A very good day, in fact.



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7 responses to “Today, Daedalus finally sets sail

  1. You forgot to mention that we’re clearly the greatest podcast that ever interviewed you. That is all.


  2. I was expecting a *special* beer for the special occasion 🙂

    Happy Book Day at last!

    • A seven-year-old barleywine seemed the right way to go. Shame Brooklyn discontinued the line.

      Now I have to come up with something for THE ENCELADUS CRISIS. Maybe I need to get my hands on a bottle of Westvleteren 12.

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