Daedalus excerpted on io9, plus outlining in Excel

I have to say, io9.com is one of my favorite websites ever, and not just because they ran an excerpt of The Daedalus Incident there today. They pretty much own geek-related news, and their cultural criticism is top notch. I’m hugely excited to have a bit of my book on there. Many thanks to Charlie Jane Anders for making it happen!

Also today, as The Daedalus Incident enters its second day of being officially released, I gave away one of my writer secrets over on Janice Hardy’s outstanding blog for writers. The secret? I use Excel for outlining.

OK, granted, not a huge secret. Probably not worth the build up. But really, I couldn’t have written Daedalus without it. And you should see the spreadsheet I have for The Enceladus Crisis! Anyway, I talk more about how I use Excel over at Janice’s blog, and she’s also running a Daedalus Incident  giveaway as well. So if you’re of a mind to outline and want to win a copy of the book, check it out.

And finally…thank you, everyone, for all the congratulations and well wishes for the Daedalus launch. It’s frankly quite a relief to see it out there, and I’m really heartened to see the great reviews and such, along with actual evidence that people are, you know, buying it. Hope you’re enjoying it!


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