The quest to find my book in a store

20130815-065856.jpgWell, of course, I had to make a pilgrimage to see my book in the wild, as it were. The fact that I waited a day shows, I think, a strong sense of restraint.

Yesterday, my daughter and I went to the Barnes & Noble in Glendale, Calif., (a retail Mecca if there ever was one) and made a bee-line for the Science Fiction & Fantasy section. I scoured the new releases shelves…


Then we looked through the rest of the section. Nothing.

Well, OK, I thought. Maybe they haven’t put it out yet.

“Or maybe it already sold out,” Anna said. That made me feel slightly better, but I had my doubts.

We wandered over to the kids’ section and picked up a few books for her. Feeling a bit down, we started for the door. But there was a staffer at the info desk, so I thought I’d ask about it.

After communing with her computer for a moment, she pointed toward the front of the store. “It’s on the table up there.”

And lo, on the “New in Paperback” table, there it was! I had walked right by it, mostly because I didn’t think it would be there, given the brouhaha around Night Shade’s acquisition. I thought I’d simply be lucky to get it in a store. But the Night Shade team at Skyhorse did really, really good. Prime real estate, as it were.

After the requisite gleeful photo, I went and asked another staffer if I could sign their stock, and he reached for the “autographed copy” stickers.

“This is so cool,” I said. Then I looked up at the slightly non-plussed young man. “You probably get a lot of authors in here.”

“Oh, yeah. But hey, it’s cool for you. I get it.”

Yep. It totally was. After my first bookstore drop-in signing, Anna and I celebrated with pizza. And while it wasn’t an official New York slice, it was pretty darn good.


In other news, I’m talking about writing on two different blogs today. First, on the Qwillery, I talk about voice, both character and narrative, in The Daedalus Incident. And on the Irish writing site, I talk about what makes for good characters in speculative fiction. Check ’em out!

And if you’re in the southern California area, I’m doing a for-real reading and signing this Saturday, Aug. 17, at 2:30 p.m. at Mysterious Galaxy in Redondo Beach. Hope you can make it!

(Above photo by Anna Martinez, the Official Photographer of The Daedalus Incident)

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