My first signing…and people showed up!

meandmybooksI had a fantastic time yesterday at Mysterious Galaxy in Redondo Beach, Calif., where I gave my very first reading and signing. I’m pleased to report that there was a decent-sized crowd, and furthermore, said crowd included people I had never met before. So it was pretty gosh-darn real and author-y.

The photo shows you the awesome lengths the staff went to promoting the event, and I have to say, seeing an entire wall of The Daedalus Incident was pretty awe-inspiring. All told, it was a fantastic venue, and probably one of the very best independent bookstores I’ve ever visited. If you live in southern California and you read genre fiction, please give these great folks your business!

Of course, this being my first signing, I did have some friends stop by to say hi, which certainly filled out the group nicely. Thank you to Aaron, Brian, Marlene, Rob and John for coming out to the event; it meant a lot to see friendly faces there. And apparently, for a debut author on a weekend, it was a great turnout, according to the store. That’s awesome.

If you aren’t in this area, or if you are in southern California and had to miss the event due to some cataclysm, I’m doing a virtual Shindig event and reading on Tuesday, Aug. 27, at 9 p.m. EDT. Just click on the link and RSVP — the whole thing is free.

And again, I’ll be at WorldCon in San Antonio in less than two weeks, with all kinds of things going on: panels, signings, SFWA booth appearances, parties, etc. I’ll be posting my WorldCon schedule in a few days. There may be giveaways. There will be fun!

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