I’m judging a Halloween short story contest!

Go ahead, scare me.

The folks at Start Publishing (the ebook publishers of The Daedalus Incident) are having a short story contest in the spirit of Halloween, and I’ve agreed to judge the entries. So yeah — I want you to write something that scares me! If you succeed, your story will be published in Start’s newsletter and blog. You’ll also be given a story critique by me, and you can choose a free ebook from the Start catalog.

Here’s how it works:

  • Write a 250-word horror story. I know that’s not a lot, but that just makes it more challenging. You can do it.
  • Send it to contest@start-media.com. Also, if you have Twitter, send a tweet to @startpublishing so they know you’re in.
  • Start Publishing will randomly select five entries for me to judge.
  • I pick the winner, critique the story and give some (hopefully useful) writing tips.
  • The winner’s story gets published online, and he or she gets a free ebook.

The deadline for submissions is October 21. The winner will be announced on Halloween, and his or her story will be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.

(For those who may be concerned about such matters, Start has assured me that you will retain all rights to your story should you want to get it published later, and that Start will only publish the winning entry on its blog and newsletter. I may mirror it here on this blog as well. But that’s it. Your work is yours.)

All right, then. Get writing, people!

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