Guest blog, interview and review…in one day!

I haven’t exactly been burning up the blog here lately, but I’m wrapping up The Enceladus Crisis, so I hope you’ll permit a bit of latitude. Besides, I think book two of the Daedalus series is gonna be a lot of fun.

Speaking of, I had a guest post up today on that very topic — going from debut to series — over at Bastard Books. Writing Enceladus is very different from the experience I had writing The Daedalus Incident. Nothing was really expected of that first book, so the fact that it turned out to be well-received — and is now in its second printing, no less — is all gravy. Here, though, there are expectations. That makes it challenging, but also kinda fun. What’s life without challenge?

Also today, the good people over at the two-time Hugo Award-winning SFSignal posted the transcript of the #SFFWRTCHT Twitter chat I did over the summer. It’s primarily about Daedalus, so if you’re looking for a primer on where that book came from and what inspired it, surf on over and give it a read. And stay for the rest of the site, because there are very good reasons they won the Hugo twice.

Finally, Feliza Casano, she of the excellent site Girls in Capes, posted a review of Daedalus up on her site. She had some very nice things to say, concluding:

Overall, I’d recommend THE DAEDALUS INCIDENT for people who enjoy both science fiction AND fantasy, accessible language that’s not pretentious, and action-driven stories with interesting and relatable characters.

Thanks, Feliza!


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