Assorted tidbits: Podcasts, Kickstarters, auctions and art

So I’ve ended up with a bunch of little things I’ve wanted to blog about, and it’s gotten to the point where separate blog posts would be a pain. So here’s a bunch of cool stuff for you to check out, all in one handy post:

  • The Daedalus Incident got a pretty nifty plug from Renaissance man Michael Pusateri on the latest Gweek podcast over on The book comes up at roughly the 42:00 mark in the conversation between Michael, technologist/hacker/writer Joshua Klein and host (and BoingBoing founder) Mark Frauenfelder. But hey, give the whole thing a listen. It’s a really smart, fascinating podcast. Thanks for the kind words, Michael!
  • I’ve backed my first Kickstarter — Winter in the City: A Collection of Urban Fantasy Tales, edited by fellow NIght Shade alum Marty Halpern. Marty’s put together an outstanding group of authors, and I may be submitting a story to the anthology as well in an attempt to spread my authorial wings a bit. They have 23 days left to get to their goal, so give it a read and, if you’re so inclined, lend a hand!
  • You have until midnight tonight to bid on my critique of your SF/F fiction — up to 10,000 words — at Kat Brauer’s Crits for Water charity blog. The proceeds go to help communities in India ensure fresh water and sanitation, and you get a fresh set of eyes on your writing. Go bid!
  • Having Daedalus as Tuesday’s SF/F Kindle Daily Deal was nothing short of awesome. The book topped out at #28 on the Kindle sales chart, and is at a very respectable #172 now (and still #16 on the SF/F chart). I’m grateful so many folks were introduced to the book.
  • Finally, awesome artist Sarah Bittel has done another bit of Daedalus-inspired fan art! (Check out her first one here.) Below are sketches of Lt. Thomas Weatherby, first lieutenant aboard HMS Daedalus, and another take on Lt. Shaila Jain of McAuliffe Base on Mars. Sarah did a great job with the period touches on Weatherby, and I think captured Shaila’s attitude well there. Thanks, Sarah!




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2 responses to “Assorted tidbits: Podcasts, Kickstarters, auctions and art

  1. Sarah C. Bittel

    Congratulations on all the exciting stuff this week!

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