First review of The Gravity of the Affair

Very excited to see the first review of The Gravity of the Affair, courtesy of Joe Frazier of Joe’s Geek Fest. And, as it turns out, he liked it, calling it “a gem of a novella” and going on to say:

…we leave The Gravity of the Affair enamored of [protagonist Horatio] Nelson, the Known Worlds and Mr. Martinez’s delightful writing. You need not read The Daedalus Incident to read this work, but if you haven’t read it, you certainly will want to after this whets your appetite.Its sequel, The Enceladus Crisis, is arriving Spring 2014. This brief dive back into the Known Worlds reminds me why that seems like such a long wait. Once again, well done Mr. Martinez.

Thanks, Joe! For the full review, click here. And for a variety of sales options, click on the novella’s page on this blog. Still waiting to hear what’s going on with the Audible version, but since they paid actual cash money for the rights, one thinks the audiobook will show up soon…!


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