My Worldbuilders auctions end Sunday at 8 p.m.! Get bidding!

So when I offered to help out Pat Rothfuss’ Worldbuilders auctions with a few volunteer items, I had no idea what kind of bidding there would be.  Turns out, the awesome folks in SF/F fandom are even more awesome than I thought — and I knew they were pretty awesome to start with.

As I write this, the top bid in the auction to include your name in the third book in the Daedalus series, tentatively titled The Venusian Gambit, is more than $110. And the top bid for my critique of up to 25,000 words of fiction is now more than $150.

That is both amazing and intensely gratifying, and speaks volumes about the generosity of the bidders.

And there’s still two more days to go! Both auctions wrap up on Sunday at 8 p.m. EST. That means you can still get in on the fun, and either see your name as a character in my book, or have me give you a detailed critique of your fiction writing.

The proceeds go to Worldbuilders, which in turn donates everything to Heifer International. Already, my two auctions have raised meaningful amounts of money — enough to change some lives for the better. I’m deeply grateful for the response. And the Worldbuilders efforts as a whole are nothing short of phenomenal. You should check it out.

Anyway, you’ve got a little over two days. Get bidding! And if you have already, thank you!


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