Book review roundup from the road

While the East Coast struggles under the weight of a foot of snow and shivers in below-zero temperatures, I ended up stranded…in Phoenix, Ariz.

I know. I really expect no pity, nor do I deserve any. I actually feel a touch guilty about the beautiful weather here. But with the flights dicey ahead of the storm, we decided on discretion over valor and parked here until Sunday. Thankfully, we have lovely friends here willing to put up with us for a few more days.

In the meantime, I came across a few book-related items over the past few days I thought I’d pass along. I remain very grateful for all the positive words and reviews The Daedalus Incident continues to receive, and I hope The Enceladus Crisis, coming May 6, is a worthy successor.

  • The gang over at the Skiffy and Fanty Show (an outstanding podcast and site) posted their favorite books of 2013, and The Daedalus Incident was among a superlative list of works. Paul Weimer wrote: “This is the novel someone might write after watching Treasure Planet and wanting to do it *right*.” Thanks, Paul!
  • Caleb Flanagan of the book review blog 20four12 took a look back at 2013: The Daedalus Incident was an absolutely spectacular debut for Michael J. Martinez, so much so that I’ve added him to my “must read” list already. He took some amazing chances with his storytelling and put together a tale that is unlike anything I’ve seen.” Caleb also put Daedalus on his top-ten list for the year, and it’s among some amazing company. Caleb is now officially awesome.
  • Blogger and author David Agranoff wrote a nice review of Daedalus as well: “I love super weird science fiction. This is just that, but it is also very smart. It is clearly well researched and thought out, not just in plotting and characterization but also in its take on the fake history. I believe this is a debut novel, it is a strong debut. I can’t really think of another novel just like it.” Thank you, David!
  • Finally, the excellent cover art and design of The Daedalus Incident got some love from blogger Carl V. Anderson on Stainless Steel Droppings, who listed his favorite SF/F covers of 2013: “Sparth is another artist working in the digital medium whose illustration excites my interest. His cover work for The Daedalus Incident by Michael J. Martinez, coupled with the design elements over which the title and author designation are placed, make for a striking cover.” That they do.

Reviews really do matter — they’re signposts on the road, left for other readers to decide on their next steps. As an author, I’m very grateful when someone takes the time to write about my work. And it doesn’t have to be on an established blog or site, either. A few (hopefully) kind words on Amazon, B&N or Goodreads can really make a difference. So for everyone who has spared some time and words for my work, thank you!



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2 responses to “Book review roundup from the road

  1. Caleb Flanagan

    Well, I’m glad I’m now officially awesome. Haha! I hope to have a full review of The Daedalus Incident up on 20four12 in the next week or two. I’ll leave you as many signposts as I can.

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