For your award consideration, my writing from 2013

So this is a bit new to me, obviously, since The Daedalus Incident is indeed my first published fiction. Plus, there’s always the feeling that it’s slightly gauche to toot one’s own horn. But I’m not actually the first one to float the idea that Daedalus  might be worthy of consideration, which was admittedly quite pleasing to see. And if this three-time Hugo winner can do a post like this, I figure it’s kosher for me to throw this out there.

So with an awkward mix of newbie enthusiasm, hard-won realism and attempted modesty, here we go: For Your Consideration, the stuff I wrote in 2013. I’m also including the editors and cover artists I worked with, because frankly, I think they’re even more deserving than I am.

The Daedalus Incident (novel, Night Shade Books, May/August 2013) by Michael J. Martinez, edited by Ross Lockhart, cover illustration by Sparth

  • A genre-bending cross of historical fantasy and space opera with hard SF and a pinch of steampunk-sans-steam, The Daedalus Incident was named one of the best genre novels of 2013 by Library Journal and Buzzfeed, and received a number of pretty darn good reviews and media mentions as well. There’s an excerpt up on io9 if you want a sample. Eligible (as far as I know) for most major genre awards, as well as first-novel awards.

The Gravity of the Affair (novella, NLA Digital, December 2013) by Michael J. Martinez, edited by Jeff Seymour, cover illustration by Arvin Concepcion

  • A novella set in the Known Worlds of The Daedalus Incident, this novella (which squeaks in just above the lower word-count limit) details the first command of British naval hero Horatio Nelson on the seas of Ganymede and in the Void. You can find excerpts here and here. Eligible (again, as far as I know) for most major genre awards.

It’s also worth noting that I am indeed eligible for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer — this page even says so.

There were a metric ton of awesome books out there this year, and while I would be thoroughly giddy to be even nominated, my expectations remain quite realistic. I’m just starting out, after all, and I know I’ve got more work to do.  The fact that there are already a few people out there who think my work might warrant consideration for recognition is absolutely lovely, and I deeply appreciate it.

Thanks, y’all.


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