The Enceladus Crisis ARCs have arrived!


Just look at them. SO VERY, VERY PRETTY.

(My editor Cory says to excuse the mess on his desk. I won’t ask about the “firearms record” thing in the upper right, except to note that I’m working really hard on book 3, I swear!)

And yes, that’s a new cover. Not sure if it’s the final, but the art is fantastic. A book about sailing ships in space should have, you know, sailing ships in space on the cover.

I’ll be receiving two of these babies. I only need one. Thus, you may see something soon on how you — yes, you! — might have a shot at the other.

The Enceladus Crisis comes out May 6. Are you stoked? I’m stoked.



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3 responses to “The Enceladus Crisis ARCs have arrived!

  1. Very stoked. Congrats (and keep working on book 3, I would hate to hear about any gun cleaning accidental incidents.)

  2. They are VERY, VERY pretty! (And I’m VERY stoked, too!)

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