Going live with Skiffy and Fanty this Friday night

Now we’re working without a net. Live podcasting, people. It’s happening.

I’ll be a guest on the latest edition of Skiffy and Fanty‘s Torture Cinema this Friday at 10 p.m. EDT, and it’ll be done live via Google+ hangout. Stop by and enjoy us being silly, tipsy and generally disreputable while we dissect Highlander II: The Quickening in all its awful glory.

I was given the opportunity to choose the Torture Cinema entry by virtue of donating to S&F’s WorldCon fundraiser, and I took the “torture” bit to heart, as HIghlander II is a paragon of bad filmmaking. Seriously, it’s possibly the worst SF/F sequel ever, and certainly one of the worst overall films of all time.

And then Shaun invited me on to participate, probably to get back at me for picking it in the first place. I suppose that’s only fair.

Anyway, RSVP for the Google+ hangout and join us tomorrow night. The commenting function will be on, so you can comment and ask questions. And if you’re so inclined, stop by the fundraiser to help Skiffy and Fanty go to WorldCon. They’re nominated for a Hugo, and it’d be nice if they were there to pick it up in case they win.


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