New review of The Enceladus Crisis

For those who’ve seen the back cover of The Enceladus Crisis, it’s no secret that GeekDad rather liked the book. But it’s still nice to see the full review, which hit the Internet today. Reviewer James Floyd Kelly writes:

“Martinez delivers again…. This isn’t steampunk, okay? This is something new and unique and completely entertaining. Hard science fiction in one corner and Alchemy in the other. And the best part is when the worlds and characters come together…you’re in for a wild ride.”

Many thanks, Jim, for the kind words! As a geek-dad myself, I’m thrilled to be reviewed there! There’s less than a week to go before The Enceladus Crisis drops on May 6. You can preorder print and/or ebook copies on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, Google Play or wherever fine books are sold. (Also, support your local bookseller! IndieBound can help you find the nearest one.) The audiobook edition is courtesy of the good folks at Audible. Also, tthe Goodreads giveaway wraps up next week as well, so if you’re of a mind to try to score a freebie, check it out. May 6! Did I mention May 6? Next Tuesday! #SFWApro

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