The Enceladus Crisis excerpted on io9!

There’s a brand new excerpt of The Enceladus Crisis up on today! The scene in question depicts the battle that’s pictured on the cover of the book itself, and it’s something that’s not part of the ebook previews or anything else. So really, you should go read it now.

Of course, if you like all things SF/F, you’re already reading io9, because it’s intensely awesome. Right? Of course you are. Many thanks to Charlie Jane Anders and the io9 team for making this excerpt happen. Go check it out!

Also today, reviewed Enceladus. While reviewer Stefan Raets took issue with the book’s multiple plotlines, he nonetheless had nice things to say as well. To wit:

Even though it has some issues, The Enceladus Crisis is worth checking out, especially if you enjoyed The Daedalus Incident. After all, there aren’t many books out there that manage to move, in just a few pages, from explaining the ultra-dense polymers used in radiation shielding to magic and alchemy.The Enceladus Crisis also sets everything up for a third novel that promises to be spectacular…

I thought the review was quite fair, and Stefan did his usual thoughtful, thorough job. (Of course, I liked that last bit the best.) I’m continuing to work through The Venusian Gambit, the third and final book in the Daedalus series, and I hope it lives up to that promise.

Finally, I joined a SF Signal “Mind Meld” with a bunch of other fantastic authors and commentators on the SF/F books we love to read over and over again. The topic actually made me think a little bit about how my reading habits have changed since becoming an author, and I hope my contribution to the Meld was worthwhile. My thanks to Paul “Prince Jvstin” Weimer for inviting me.


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