My Favorite Bit about The Enceladus Crisis

Hugo Award-winning author and all-around good human Mary Robinette Kowal has been giving a leg-up to authors through the “My Favorite Bit” feature on her blog. And I’m fortunate enough to be there this week, talking about my favorite bit about The Enceladus Crisis.

I had fun writing this one, because I got to think about and elucidate on why I enjoy writing historical fantasy as opposed to completely made-up worlds (secondary-world fantasy, for those who like their proper labeling). And my favorite bit is, in essence, how history can inform character and plot when it comes to the Daedalus series.

I’ll leave it at that for now; click here to read the bit on Mary’s blog. And do check out her books as well. Her Glamourist Histories novels even feature cameos from a certain Doctor — the genesis of her latest one is described here. If that doesn’t convince you to read her stuff, then…well, I got nothing. I can’t help you. At all.

Many thanks to Mary for the guest post!


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