Thank you, readers!

It’s been nearly a month since the release of The Enceladus Crisis and, as of this writing, both Enceladus and The Daedalus Incident remain in the top 100 on Amazon’s Historical Fantasy Kindle charts. That’s pretty amazing, especially given that both books come from a small (but scrappy!) publisher.

I’ve heard from a lot of fans and readers over the past month, and they’ve welcomed the second installment in the Daedalus series with open arms. That really means a lot, and it’s fueling my writing as I head to the finish line with the third book, The Venusian Gambit

In addition, a lot of you good folks have taken the time to write reviews on vendor websites, Goodreads and on your own blogs. There was a new review this week on, blogging home of writer and teacher Luther M. Siler. He thought The Daedalus Incident was OK, but had this to say about the sequel:

It is awesome.  It is action-packed and exciting and creative and fresh and original (no, seriously, space galleons powered by alchemy) and unlike the first one he’s clearly got a contract for another book now so it ends by nicely setting up the next book without feeling like it was written as the middle book of a trilogy.

That was very cool to see. So thanks, Luther. And thanks to all of you who’ve given my writing a shot. It means a lot!

Now that Enceladus is out in the wild, things are calming down a bit, and I’m back to focusing on Gambit. I’m enjoying how everything is coming together, but it’s a little bittersweet, too. I’m going to miss these characters and this world when I’m done. But for one, there’s one last adventure left to them, and I think it’s going to be a good one.


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