Mike Underwood’s Shield and Crocus is out today!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming about my books and writing to talk about…someone else’s books and writing.

Today marks the launch of Michael R. Underwood’s Shield and Crocus, a very epic, very awesome urban fantasy from the folks at 47North. Mike asked me to read it months ago, and I was proud to offer this blurb (now featured on the book’s Amazon page):

“Blindingly creative, Shield and Crocus delivers action-packed, four-color fantasy with a lot of heart.” — Michael J. Martinez, author of The Daedalus Incident

And if you need more convincing, even after such a hearty endorsement, here’s the gist of the story:

In a city built among the bones of a fallen giant, a small group of heroes looks to reclaim their home from the five criminal tyrants who control it.

And if that doesn’t convince you, the good people at Tor.com have this excerpt for you. I’m telling you, this book has everything. It’s a total blast to read. So I offer many congratulations to Mike, and exhort you, the reader — yes, you — to get on out there and pick up a copy.

That’s right. I exhorted.



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2 responses to “Mike Underwood’s Shield and Crocus is out today!

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  2. Adding another book to the queue–I can’t wait to read this! And that cover is just sick.

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