My schedule for the World Fantasy Convention

It was around mid-September, after a tough summer and exhausting travel schedule, when I came home from a work conference and said, “Phew! No more travel for two months!”

How time flies. But I’m rested and ready and looking forward to the World Fantasy Convention in Washington, D.C., next month. And since I’ve started to get my schedule in order, I thought I’d share. The con is Nov. 6-9 at the Hyatt Crystal City in Arlington, Va.

I’m very excited to be moderating the “World War I Alternate Histories” panel on Friday, Nov. 7, at 4 p.m. at the Regency E room. If you know anything about my work, alt-history and historical fantasy are my jam, and I’m looking forward to exploring this era. Thankfully, I’m joined by writers smarter and wiser than myself: Charles E. Gannon, Kay Kenyon and Devin Poore. Ought to be a great time. You should be there.

Later that Friday, at 8 p.m. in the Independence Center at the Hyatt, I’ll be participating in the mass autograph session for WFC authors. If you have my books, bring ’em. If you don’t, my understanding is they’ll be on sale right at the convention. Convenient, no?

I’m also working with Night Shade Books to do a little something with them as well. Details to come, but I imagine it might involve at least a few chances at landing free books and other swag. Everyone loves swag. Also, I plan to help at the SFWA booth from time to time, likely on Friday and Sunday, and I don’t think anyone should miss the WFC ice cream social Thursday night at 6 p.m.

Other than that, I’ll be around the convention and dropping in on interesting stuff as time and tide allow. I may spend at least part of that Saturday in D.C. itself, as I’ll have my 10-year-old daughter Anna with me and there’s some sights in town we’d love to see, particularly the International Spy Museum. If you catch Anna and I at the convention, she’ll be willing (and pleased) to sign the author head-shot photo credit in the back of each of my books, making said books instantly rare and collectible.

As with all these sorts of events, the best way to find me is via Twitter, since I tend to tweet a lot whenever I travel. If you’re going to WFC, I’d love to see you!


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