Bid on my Worldbuilders critique auction; improve your fiction, improve others’ lives

Got a piece of fiction you want critiqued? Like helping the less fortunate? Then it’s time to get clicking, y’all.

As part of the fantastic Worldbuilders charity masterminded by Patrick Rothfuss, I’m auctioning off a critique of the winner’s work, up to 25,000 words. I’ll read it, comment within the text, and also give you a write-up of my overall thoughts. If you have questions, we can iron them out via e-mail afterward. With two published novels under my belt, along with a nice bucket of accolades on each, I’m pretty certain I can give you a good critique.

I did this last year and enjoyed the heck out of it while raising some serious bucks for charity. Last year’s critique winner went on to self-publish his work and thanked me in the acknowledgements, which was mighty kind of him. He also donated $395 for my critique, which was amazing and humbling. (I also did a Tuckerization for The Venusian Gambit last year that garnered another $200, but sadly, I don’t have one to offer this year.)

The bidding on this year’s critique is already up to $102.50, and there’s still more than seven days left to go. Can we top last year’s donation? That would give me a serious case of the warm fuzzies.

As a reminder, Worldbuilders supports Heifer International, which helps families and communities around the world become self-sustaining through the donation of farm animals, seeds and equipment. This is more than just a handout, gang — it’s a very real chance at making permanent, positive change that can last generations. You totally want to support this. I know I do.

So click here and get bidding! Also, be sure to check out the other Worldbuilders auctions as well as Pat Rothfuss’ Tinker’s Packs shop, which also supports Worldbuilders. And my thanks to everyone who already jacked that price up. You’re all good humans.


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