Thank you, Mysterious Galaxy!

Just a quick note here to thank the good folks at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego for a great reading the other night. We were small but mighty, and we all had a blast. In fact, their enthusiasm was contagious — so much so I ended up sharing details about the upcoming The Venusian Gambit as well as an inkling of what my next projects might look like. This is what happens when I get over-caffeinated and chatty.

Mysterious Galaxy is really quite a great store for SF/F fans, and if you’re anywhere in southern California, I urge you to check it out. They also have signed (and dated) copies of both my books available in person or for shipping — contact the store for the latter. And you can get your Kobo e-books from them as well.

Many thanks, David and Sam, for being gracious hosts. Enjoy the Fat Tire in good health!


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