NFL GeekPicks: Week 12

Well….that was interesting.

Last Sunday was the first time in quite a while where I was able to sit down, crack open a fine craft beer, grab some nachos and actually watch football, as opposed to reading recaps on ESPN the next day on the bus.

And I watched a lot of conventional wisdom explode a la Death Star.

Seriously, who thought Denver would collapse at St. Louis, of all places? A few folks thought the Chiefs would trounce Seattle, but I wasn’t among them, and my faith in a Seahawk return to the playoffs is waning. What happened to the Saints this season? Sheesh. And we all know Washington is bad, but really, we didn’t know it was get-trounced-by-the-Bucs bad.

Meanwhile, the Arizona Cardinals are sitting pretty with the league’s best record, and the Patriots, written off weeks ago, are on a rampage. So…well, all right then. I was wrong. I only take solace in the fact that others were just as wrong.

So with my utter wrong-ness in mind, here are this week’s picks. (Winner in italics.) 

Kansas City at Oakland: The hapless Raiders can’t catch a break.

Cleveland at AtlantaOh, Browncoats. Come on. I hate picking against you, but I just can’t avoid it here. Shape up.

Tennessee at PhiladelphiaGood news for the Eagles — the Titans are not the Packers.

Detroit at New EnglandRemember the rampage? It continues.

Green Bay at MinnesotaWith or without Adrian Peterson, this is an easy Pack win. And Asgard weeps yet again.

Jacksonville at Indianapolis: Does anyone else want to see Colt McCoy take a snap or two for the Colts? Anyone? Just me, then? Fine. I like symmetry.

Cincinnati at HoustonWe can no longer predict when the Bengals will act like the Hulk and when they’ll revert to being puny.

New York Jets at BuffaloDude, all that snow. No way the Jets are ready for that.

Tampa Bay at ChicagoYou beat a bad team, Bucs. Don’t get cocky.

Arizona at Seattle: I can’t believe I’m picking this, but I am. It’s Bizarro world. Remember that Bizarro guy from Superman? Yeah, it’s that weird.

St. Louis at San DiegoI was just in San Diego last week. Really nice city. Also, the Rams aren’t consistent.

Miami at DenverThere is no way Manning drops two in a row. Right? Right? 

Washington at San FranciscoOh, man. If the owner wasn’t basically Jerry Jones’ Mini-Me, I’d start feeling bad for D.C. The team name isn’t helping, either.

Dallas at N.Y. Giants: Dallas is coming off the bye. The Giants are coming off a disaster.

Baltimore at New Orleans: Home Sweet Dome isn’t so sweet. The Saints are in crisis.

Bye: Pittsburgh and Carolina start Thanksgiving early. Only one of them has any right to be thankful.

Last week’s record: 8-6. It felt worse than it was.

Season record: 104-56

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