Thanks, Worldbuilders auction bidders!

Just a quick note to say a hearty thank-you to everyone who bid on my Worldbuilders auction, wherein I offered a critique of up to 25,000 words of fiction. The final bid was $330, all of which goes to Heifer International.

Honestly, it’s stuff like this that makes the author thing worthwhile. I get to read spiffy new fiction, the winning bidder gets some ideas from a published author, and most importantly, folks who really need a hand get a lot of help.

There are still auctions going as we speak, and Pat Rothfuss and others are offering lots of other goodies at the Tinker’s Packs store. So you can still help out and get cool stuff. It’s a win for pretty much everybody.

Again, thanks to the winning bidder and to Worldbuilders. It’s a privilege to be a part of it.


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