NFL GeekPicks: Week 14 (belated Star Wars edition)

I’ve been traveling this week and missed getting my picks out the door in time for Thursday night’s game, but I did throw out a pick on Dallas-Chicago last night via Twitter. And as you’ll see below, I got it right.

As for the rest, these are interesting times. The teams on the playoff bubble — and there are a lot — are looking like John Boyega in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. To wit:

Yep, it’s panic time. Specifically: Dallas (which took care of business), Philly, Detroit, Atlanta, New Orleans, Arizona, Seattle, San Francisco, Buffalo, Miami, the entire AFC North, Houston, San Diego and Kansas City. You all have a shot of going to the playoffs, but you all have to pick up your game. Time to make the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs — every Sunday.

Now, on with the picks! (Winners in italics) 

Dallas at Chicago: Nailed it.

Pittsburgh at CincinnatiI have a bad feeling about this pick. Could go either way.

St. Louis at Washington: Easy. Just like when you used to bullseye womp-rats in your T-16 back home.

N.Y. Giants at Tennessee: How many Bothans must die before the Giants get another win? Should be here, but…I thought Jacksonville was a gimme.

Carolina at New OrleansWelcome to the NFC South — the Jar-Jar Binks division.

N.Y. Jets at MinnesotaAll too easy.

Baltimore at Miami: The Force is strong with Miami…but they are not Jedi yet.

Indianapolis at Cleveland: Always looking away to the future, Manziel is. Never his mind on where he is, hm? On what he is doing.

Tampa Bay at DetroitThis is most definitely the opponent Detroit is looking for.

Houston at Jacksonville: We will be watching your career with great interest, Blake Bortles.

Buffalo at DenverThat’s no team. That’s a battle station.

Kansas City at ArizonaControl! Control! You must learn control! (Applicable to either team.)

Seattle at Philadelphia: To those who still write off Seattle…I find your lack of faith disturbing.

San Francisco at Oakland: Oakland seems to be made to suffer. It’s their lot in life.

New England at San Diego: The Chargers are strong with the Force. For the Pats, it could be an Ackbar moment — “It’s a trap!” — but…not likely.

Atlanta at Green BayTraveling to Green Bay ain’t like dusting crops, Atlanta.

Last week’s record: 8-7 (Somehow, I forgot to include New England-Green Bay. My bad.)

Season record: 123-67



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