Same agent, new literary agency

Even the most casual repeat reader of my blog knows the esteem in which I hold super-awesome-agent Sara Megibow, who has represented me since 2012 and helped me navigate some unique and troubled publishing waters. She’s tenacious, perceptive, sharp and a great negotiator — all while being a really kind, cool human. That’s a tough balance right there, and she does it effortlessly.

And now she’s opening her own shop, Megibow Literary Agency LLC.

Sara was with Nelson Literary for nine years. As Sara described it, it was simply time for her to hang her own shingle and make a real go of it. She’s doing it with Kristin Nelson’s support, too, which was great to see.

So because of all this, I have a new literary agency — and the same agent. Of course, I had the option to stay with the former agency or find a new agent entirely. That never really crossed my mind, though. Again, Sara is awesome.

For now, Sara’s agency site is under construction, and she’s not yet open to new queries. But if you keep up with her on Twitter, you’ll learn soon enough when she’ll be open to submissions again. If you’re in the market, I doubt you could do much better when it comes to agents.

Congratulations, Sara!


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One response to “Same agent, new literary agency

  1. Congrats to Ms . Megibow.
    Considering how active she is online she’s in my top five list for future queries.
    Only recently did I realize how important that could be on the part of an agent.

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