The first Venusian Gambit ebook files are in!

gambitOh, it’s so nice to see a book in near-book form. It’s happening, people. The Venusian Gambit is happening.

I just got the advance ePub files for book three of the Daedalus series this morning from the good folks at Night Shade Books/Skyhorse. And I immediately sent them out to a big list of reviewers and authors, because I’m excited for folks to read it and enjoy it and, ideally, say nice things about it.

I’ll also note that it’s an advance uncorrected proof. So there’ll be a few spelling errors, undoubtedly. The ePub file isn’t all prettied up. You get the idea.

If for whatever reason you feel you should’ve gotten a copy and did not, first…check your spam folder. If it’s still not there, drop me a line. If I know you, I’ll rectify the matter expeditiously. If I don’t know you, you may have to make your case as to why you get a free book, because, you know, I want to put my kid through college.

Printed ARCs will be coming very soon, but there aren’t that many, and most are already earmarked for folks. I’ll do my best to cadge one and, maybe, do a giveaway or a charity bit for it. Stay tuned.

And be on the lookout for the final cover. I expect it any day now, and it will be glorious. Promise.



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4 responses to “The first Venusian Gambit ebook files are in!

  1. Robert

    Very much looking forward to seeing how this series ends, Mr. Martinez.
    It’s been a great ride so far!!

  2. Nice! Congrats on the third installment. 😀

    I found that several electronic book versions I’ve read have odd errors in them, spelling or grammar.

    It’s as though someone fed a paper version into an OCR scanner and the scanner got cross eyed a few times lol.

  3. The Magic of the iPhone interface prevented me from clarifying my earlier post before submitting lol.

    I was thinking of some Clancy novels that had odd errors in the iBooks version haha.

    The Daedulus Incident was clean 😀

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