I have a short story in the upcoming Cthulhu Fhtagn! anthology!

Don't worry...the final cover will be slightly more scary.

Don’t worry…the final cover will be slightly more scary.

I am exceptionally pleased and outright stoked to make my first short-story sale announcement, and doubly so because of the topic.

My story, “On a Kansas Plain,” will be included in Cthulhu Fhtagn! from Word Horde, due out in August. The anthology is edited by none other than Ross Lockhart, who did a fantastic job editing The Daedalus Incident for Night Shade Books. So make that triply pleased, because I get to work with Ross again.

This is a bit of a departure for me, as the Daedalus trilogy is very much four-color adventure, but I’ve been a Cthulhu fan ever since I first read Lovecraft’s works in college (and played some pretty intense Call of Cthulhu sessions). Having a go at Lovecraft story was very much on my authorial wish list, so naturally I’m thrilled to put a check mark next to it. I get to do a little homage, I get to stretch my skills a bit…it’s just a win all around.

As Ross put it, “the stars will be right this August” — i.e., that’s when the book comes out, but I don’t have a firm date yet. I’ve seen the list of authors, and while that hasn’t been released publicly, suffice it to say I’m honored to be among them. And the cover art is still preliminary, but I promise it’s suitably dark and foreboding and tentacle-y and has nothing to do with the image above.

I’ll be posting more about the anthology as the stars align and the time draws near….! Fhtagn!


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