I’m going to Phoenix Comicon! And here’s what I’ll be doing!

Excited? YOU BETCHA. I remember seeing all the great Tweets and blogs coming out of Phoenix Comicon last year from authors I really like — both personally and writing-wise — and feeling like I was missing something so freakin’ cool. It was like the first day of ninth grade again, but with less acne.

This year, I’m going. It’ll be like the middle of 12th grade! (Also with less acne.)

So while I fly across the country this morning, here’s my schedule for Phoenix Comicon, featuring signings and drinkings and panels with so many cool authors that it’s scary. If you’re going, stop by one of these and say hi. Unless otherwise mentioned, all locations are at the con itself.

Wednesday (tonight!), 7 p.m.: Scifi Extravaganza signing at the Poisoned Pen, Scottsdale. I was gonna list off all 17 names on the list of authors attending this mega-huge-awesome thing, but there is too much. Here’s the link. You want to be there, trust me. Hijinks will undoubtedly ensue.

Thursday, 6 p.m.: Know Your History Trivia Game, North 124: Speaking of feeling like you’re in high school…my biggest fear is that someone’s going to ask a question I should know because it’s in my books and I’ll blank. But hey, that ought to be amusing. Plus, there will be prizes, and cool panelists like Viola Carr, Brian Staveley and Renee Witterstaetter. After the game, the panelists will be doing a signing in room North 126b.

Friday, 10:30 a.m.: Rewriting HIstory, North 126a: Basically, it’s the alternate history panel, which is naturally my jam. Plus I’ll be with Beth Cato, Cherie Priest, Viola Carr and Delilah S. Dawson, which will make this thing crazy fun.

Friday, noon: Historical and Fantastical and Maybe a Little Bit Magical, North 124: So then I run down the hall and talk about historical fantasy, which is different because we add cool fantasy stuff to already cool history. Cherie and Viola are back, along with Django Wexler and Joseph Nassise. And after the panel, we’re doing another signing in room North 126b.

Saturday, 10 a.m., Who are the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America?, North 221. So they got the name wrong on the program, but that only goes to show that SFWA has some work to do, amirite? Come hear Ann Leckie, Michael A. Stackpole, Django and I talk about the organization and the good stuff it does.

Saturday, 4:30 p.m., Have Your Writing Critiqued — General, North 125. Really looking forward to this one. Basically, brave souls in the audience read us a few minutes of their work, and we lovingly critique it. Given that folks helped me with my work early on, I like that this exists so I can help pay it forward. With Brian, Renee and M.L. Brennan.

Saturday, 6 p.m., Drinks With Authors, Valley of the Sun room, Sheraton. It’s drinks! With authors! And it’s a fundraiser for Kids Need to Read, which will make you feel good about tying one on with us, and give you good karma besides. I have $5 that says Sam Sykes is gonna draw a butt on someone’s badge before all is said and done. (He tagged my WorldCon badge a few years back.)

Sunday, 10 a.m., Unashamed Full Frontal Nerdery, North 124. We’re geeks, and we love to geek out. So you get to come hear us geek out about the cool stuff we learned while writing our books. And by us, I mean myself, Naomi Novik, Jason M. Hough, and Django. Between Naomi and I, expect a fair bit of Napoleon in there.

Sunday, noon, Author Signing, Exhibitor Hall tables 16132, 16136 and 16140. And before I take off on a jet plane, I’ll be hanging out to sign stuff. I may very well have books to give away as well, so I suggest you follow Twitter in case that does indeed happen. Also, I have cool bookmarks, and my books will be on sale at the con, too.

Phew. And then I take off at 5 p.m. Sunday to go…to Los Angeles, instead of home. Turns out I have a pretty big meeting to attend Monday for work. My boss (who is amazing and delightful and incredibly supportive) is fully expecting me to arrive disheveled and toting a lightsaber. And that’s probably one of the more sedate possibilities Monday morning could bring.

If you’re looking to find me when I’m not at any of these panels, your best bet is to check Twitter, as I tend to tweet a lot while at these things. I’ll also be on the lookout for good tacos and beer, so if you find some, Tweet at me!



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2 responses to “I’m going to Phoenix Comicon! And here’s what I’ll be doing!

  1. moteridgerider

    Have a great week. I wish they held these major conventions over here in the UK.

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