Phoenix Comicon begins today!

I’m well recovered from last night’s awesomeness at the Poisoned Pen out in Scottsdale. It was, as you might imagine, a madhouse of SF/F authorial goodness. It was really gratifying to see folks come out for us, and I was touched that I had some fans there to get my scribble on their books. I signed a heap of books for people and, well, that’s just an amazing thing in and of itself. The day it gets old for me is the day I need to hang it up.

A special thanks to Nathan, who bought the Daedalus trilogy in ebook, then came to Scottsdale to buy the print copies so I could sign them. Nathan is, of course, a fantastic human being. He also works in physics, and complimented me on the science in my science fiction. And I’m all like, “Dude, I’m an English major, so I’m really freakin’ glad to hear you say that.”

Today, let’s kick off Phoenix Comicon right! I’m starting off with the Know Your History Trivia Game at 6 p.m. in room North 124, followed by a signing in North 126b right after. The good folks from Mysterious Galaxy are selling books at the signing, so you’ll be able to grab books and get them signed in one fell swoop. We’re all about convenience.

If you’re here, keep an eye out on Twitter for where I’ll be. I’m hauling around a set of the Daedalus trilogy, and I’ll likely use Twitter to do a random giveaway at some point for the folks here. I also take a lot of photos at these things, so it’ll be like you’re right there with me. Just less noise and desert heat.


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