Saturday at Phoenix Comicon!

Phoenix Comicon is awesome. The staff and volunteers really have a top-notch organization, and the panels and events have been excellent. I participated in last night’s charity poker tournament and, while I busted out, Kids Need to Read got my money and I had a lot of fun.

(But seriously…I had A-8 in the pocket, turned two eights on the river and went all-in, was called. Other guy had K-8. Turn gets nothing, but then what happens on the river? King. Dude made his full house. Gah! But you know, if you gotta lose, you want to go just like that — the poker equivalent of the 300, “Tonight we dine in hell!” kind of way. End of poker geekery.)

Today is another day! At 10 a.m., I’m on the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America panel at 10 a.m. in room North 221. At 4:30, I’m doing the Have Your Writing Critiqued panel in room North 125. And at 6 p.m., it’s the Drinks With Authors fundraiser (again for Kids Need to Read) at the Sheraton, Valley of the Sun room. There will be prizes too!

If you’re around Phoenix, come say hello. It’s pretty great out here. But if you can’t make it (or need a break for the insanity), remember you can download my novella The Gravity of the Affair for free on Amazon KindleKobo, Google Play and iTunes. But hurry…free can’t last forever!


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