A giveaway for the last day of Phoenix Comicon

Last day? Say it ain’t so! Phoenix Comicon has been fantastic. The panels have been fun and interesting, the fans have been amazing, and my fellow authors are an absolute joy to hang around with. Yes, I’m exhausted, having been here since Wednesday, but at the same time, I feel creatively recharged and well-fed on positivity, encouragement and beer. Life’s good.

So before I jet off to Los Angeles for day-job meetings tomorrow, I wanted to do a nice thing for folks attending Phoenix Comicon. I’m giving away a complete set of the Daedalus trilogy: The Daedalus IncidentThe Enceladus Crisis and The Venusian Gambit. And the rules are simple. Come find me at the con, and say the password.

What’s the password, you ask? “Monkeys!.” Because who doesn’t like monkeys? Boring people, that’s who.

Anyway. Pretty much walk right up to me and say “Monkeys!” and I will give you books. I’ll also sign ’em and personalize if you like. It’s our little code. It’ll be fun.

As for where I’ll be? I’m doing the Unabashed Full Frontal Nerdery panel at 10 a.m. in room 124 North, then heading down to the exhibition floor at noon for a signing with awesome authors Django Wexler, Naomi Novik, Alex Gordon, Pierce Brown and Shannon Messenger. We’re in the back-right of the hall, in the 16000s aisle across from Mysterious Galaxy, where you can conveniently buy all our books.

Of course, if you’re reading this, you could just walk up and say “Monkeys!” and you’ll get the trilogy for free — if it hasn’t been claimed already. Be sure to follow me on Twitter today to see if the books were claimed or where I might happen to be.

Thanks once again to all the volunteers and staff at Phoenix Comicon. You guys did so good! And while I’m at it, a big thank-you to everyone who turned out for Drinks With Authors last night to raise money for Kids Need to Read. It was a great turn-out, with many fine, upstanding people in attendance. You all rock.


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