Fantasy Faction reviews The Venusian Gambit; audiobook available now!

TVG-cover-finalIn paying homage to Napoleonic Era naval adventure, I’m well aware the Daedalus series is treading on beloved ground across the pond in the United Kingdom. So I’m doubly proud of this review of The Venusian Gambit from Fantasy Faction, written by one of my favorite Englishmen, Dan Hanks. His conclusion:

The Venusian Gambit is everything you could want in a finale. Bigger, better, darker and with more at stake than ever before, it’s a thrilling climax to a fresh, but delightfully old-fashioned swashbuckling adventure – the type of story we were sure they didn’t make any more.

You can read the whole thing here. My favorite quote, though, is this: “When a French zombie army marching across the English Channel to conquer our green and pleasant land isn’t the craziest event in a book, you know you’re in for a treat.” I’m quite grateful to Dan for the review, and for all the support he’s shown for this series. Rule, Britannia!

Also today, the Audible audiobook of The Venusian Gambit is now available for download! What’s more, the Audible page has a sample of Kristin Kalbli’s fine narration, so head on over and check it out.


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  1. Hey, UK reader here. Found your audiobooks via this review, 70% into Daedalus and liking it a lot; so thanks indeed Dan!

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