Chapter 1 of “Crisis of Faith” Pathfinder story now live!

The first chapter of my new Pathfinder Tales serial, “Crisis of Faith,” went live today. In it, Jeddah Caliean, brewer-priest of the beer-and-adventuring god Cayden Caliean, has a tough decision to make — one at the core of his faith.

Yes, the tenets of Cayden’s faith are few — they’re kept on something called the Placard of Wisdom, usually found hanging above the bar — but hey, even the simplest faith can be challenged. Hence the title. I hope you enjoy the story.

And the art! Pictured here is Silvestrae, a half-elf with a few tricks up her sleeve and a taste for beer, naturally. Marek Madej is doing the art for this series, and it’s a real treat indeed to see characters I’ve written come to life like that.

The four-chapter series will run every Wednesday over at Paizo, so bookmark the story here and come back for more!

Again, my thanks to James L. Sutter and Chris Carey for letting me play in their sandbox. It was a real joy to write the story and go back to my RPG roots. And, of course, thanks to my friends on Twitter for getting me the gig in the first place!

Given that the story is about a brewer, I wonder if this means all my homebrewing gear is now tax-deductible. Hmm.



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2 responses to “Chapter 1 of “Crisis of Faith” Pathfinder story now live!

  1. Sarah C. Bittel

    I don’t have any prior experience with “Pathfinder”, but I like it! I’m excited to see where this goes. And the art is pretty nice!

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