The Daedalus Incident on sale for the Kindle

TDI-bigcoverWhy do things go on sale all of a sudden? Who sets the price? When does it end? When it comes to my things (i.e. books), I kind of wish I had answers, but in the grand scheme of things I guess it’s a good deal for you, the reader, so I won’t complain.

All of this is to say that The Daedalus Incident, the first book in the Daedalus trilogy and one of the best SF/F books of the year according to Library Journal and BuzzFeed, is going for just $5.59 on the Kindle, and the Kindle only. Given that it tends to sell for $9.99, that’s a decent 45% cut, give or take. (Don’t ask me to commit mathematics.)

I have no idea when this started, and no idea if/when it will end. But if you haven’t given the series a shot yet, now’s a good time to do so. And if you have — and I thank you for it! — this isn’t a bad time to nudge your pals about that weird, quirky Napoleonic Era space opera you enjoyed.

Sorry, The Enceladus Crisis and The Venusian Gambit remain at full price…for now.


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  1. That seems like a great catch. I have read the review and the story seems to be something that will suit my taste-buds well. Thanks for sharing.

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