MJ-12: Inception slated for Sept. 2016…in hardcover!

MJ-12-logoimageSome MAJESTIC-12 news to pass along. Night Shade Books has tentatively slated MJ-12: Inception, the first volume in my Cold War spy-fi series, for a September 2016 release. And what’s more — it’s coming out in hardcover!

I’ll admit to a little trepidation with regards to a hardcover launch, because they’re generally more expensive — and thus the ebooks will be a few bucks more, too. But the fine, upstanding sales folks at Night Shade believe hardcover will give the book the best shot to succeed, and they’re the experts.

So I’m just gonna be sure this sucker is very much worth your money. And I’ll also admit, I’m kind of stoked to see a book of mine in hardcover, with a dust jacket and everything. It’s all so very literary.

I’m putting the “tentative” next to the September 2016 release date because these things tend to be in flux at this stage. I can tell you with certainty that MJ-12: Inception will be Night Shade’s lead title for Fall 2016, though, and that’s pretty exciting. Having it as the lead title, and in hardcover, is a big deal for them, and me.

Right now, MJ-12: Inception is in the hands of my awesome editor Cory Allyn, who’s hunkering down with it in his Maine editing bunker as we speak. I’ve asked him to pull no punches — we have the time to make this book rock, and he’s a great editor who I know will make it better. (Pro tip: That’s what editors do. Listen to them.)

I feel like there’s a point of clarification that needs to be made about the series. The real-life MAJESTIC-12 conspiracy theory deals with the alleged government cover-up of extraterrestrial activity on Earth, starting with the Roswell incident in 1947. From what you’ve seen thus far, especially here, there’s very little mention of aliens or Roswell. This is not a mistake. Doing a straight-up “MAJESTIC-12 is aliens” take would be boring. So if you’re looking for the Greys and flying saucers, they won’t be there.

But what will be there is pretty cool, if I may be immodest for a moment. I’m suborning the MAJESTIC-12 mythos, and many of the historical figures involved, for my own ends. I promise, we’re gonna make it a fun ride.

Finally, you may have noticed that MJ-12.net no longer directs back to this site, but to a different one altogether. For now, what you’re seeing there is a placeholder. Come spring, we’ll be putting some teasers and samplers up there to whet your appetites.

The Variants are coming. And the Cold War will never be the same.



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4 responses to “MJ-12: Inception slated for Sept. 2016…in hardcover!

  1. Robert Junker

    Sounds even better, now!
    At least there is a target date in mind.
    “Fall 2016” is too vague.

  2. Sarah C. Bittel

    Yeah, I think a hard cover will be more impressive.
    This is one situation where not knowing the background (of Majestic 12) coming in is actually a good thing. I can read your take on it without being influenced by preconceptions.

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